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Case Report : Genetics

Gain of Chromosome 4qter and Loss of 5pter: An Unusual Case with Features of Cri du Chat Syndrome

Case Reports in Genetics is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes … Syndrome: The First Case Report from India, Rupesh R. Sanap, Arundhati S. … J. Conroy, H. Bullman, M. Lever, E. Daly, D. R. Betts, D. Cody, John A. Crolla, and … Case with Features of Cri du Chat Syndrome, Frenny Sheth, Naresh Gohel.

Reference: Case Report 1

Case Report : Chikungunya encephalitis in newborns

Chikungunya encephalitis in newborns has associated with very high mortality and long term Morbidity.

Reference: Case Report 2


Hair dye is composed of paraphenylenediamine. Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) is mixed with henna, which is traditionally applied to color the palms, soles and hair. Toxicity of PPD consists of local skin irritation, contact dermatitis, chemosis, and blindness. Systemic side effects are angioneurotic edema, in later phase rhabdomyolysis, acute renal failure, and convulsions. We report a case of accidental ingestion of PPD who presented with angioneurotic edema requiring tracheostomy. Eighteen months old male child presented with accidental ingestion of hair dye followed by swelling of face, neck, tongue and difficulty in breathing within six hours. On examination, the child was irritable, had pulse of 190/min, respiration was laboured and there was cyanosis. There was edema of face, neck, pharynx and tongue. Investigations showed hemoglobin of 9.8gm%, white cell count of 14,500/cumm (86% polymorphs, 10% lymphocytes), SGPT of 324 IU/L and normal renal function tests, electrolytes, CPK, LDH and urine analysis.

Reference: Case Report 3