Special Clinics

High Risk Infant Clinic:

Specially designed for very Premature-ELBW, Critical newborn baby’s followup and guidance for long term management.

Breast Feeding Training Clinic:

Our qualified and experienced staffs help and guide mother for easy breast feeding establishment.

Diet / Nutrition Clinic:

A wide range of nutritional deficiencies, improper weaning, poor oral intake, food allergy, Failure gain weight etc are well assess and advice properly.

Asthma Clinic (Recurrent Cough):

Due to increase urbanization children are suffering from cough and cold very frequently. This service offers spirometry, assessment, and education for children who have asthma. It also offers coordinated care and teaching for children and their families with severe allergy/asthma.

Epilepsy Clinic:

Children having convulsions / fits are assess for Diagnosis of epilepsy, Type of epilepsy, Detail work up and Proper precise control of convulsions.

Clinic For Bed Wetting, Breath Holding Spells, Picca, Stubborn Child etc.